Get Involved

Today I got the amazing opportunity to speak to first year students coming to McMaster about the importance of getting involved. I got a chance to talk about some ways for students to find balance between their academic lives and their social lives, some awesome clubs and societies available at McMaster as well as a lot of volunteer opportunities outside of the campus.

Most importantly, I was extremely thankful to have a chance to talk to students and tell them what I wish someone told me 3 years ago and that is to get out there and make a difference because you can. I was happy to share my volunteering experience with the MS society of Canada as well as being part of SAS at McMaster and the importance of understanding that these opportunities are not just to further ones career, but to grow as individuals and learn more about yourselves and the community around you. There is so much goodness in helping others and making small positive impacts in the world and the only way to do that is get yourself out there and use your strengths and most importantly your weaknesses to make a difference and change not only your life but other peoples lives.

Near the end of my presentation there was a question and answer segment where one girl in the audience asked me how I manage to keep my mental health in check and not get too overwhelmed. To that I answered that question with a question by asking “what does everyone else do?” which is where 90% of the audience said they either watch Netflix all day or just stay in bed. After admitting I used to think that laying in bed all day was the perfect “mental health/me day” I now know how wrong I was. The importance of staying healthy busy is crucial. Go for a walk, go to the gym, read a book, journal, meditate, organize your room – stay productive. The busier you are and the more little accomplishments you make (like organizing your class notes everyday) the more healthy and less stressed your mind will be.

I’d like to thank McMaster University for allowing me share my experiences and giving me a platform in an encouraging environment to speak.

August 27, 2018

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