Your Voice Matters

I have always been the person scared to go out of their comfort zone. I get scared that I might say the wrong thing or something uninteresting and no one would listen or care. I always thought my voice did not matter in such a big world.

Recently however, I’ve realized that I could not be more wrong. The most important thing we can do is speak our truth, share our opinions and have a voice. For a long time I thought being diagnosed with MS was going to ruin my life. I could not find a single positive from the card that I was dealt. Until I remembered that I have a voice. I now truly believe I was diagnosed for a reason. I was put on this earth to help people.

I encourage everyone to take their shortcomings and find strength, opportunity and growth in them. Trust me they are there. There are people going through the same thing just waiting to hear your story. Waiting for reassurance that they are not alone and that they too can make positive changes.

Stop letting anything or anyone stop you from sharing your story. Your voice does matter and it can change the world.

Thank you for reading


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